Islamorada Deep Sea Fishing Charters

What's in season & what we're catching

The offshore waters here hold hundreds of different species of fish. The two most popular fish we target are Dolphin (spring, summer) and Sailfish (fall, winter); both are so popular and bountiful that they are referred to as dolphin season and sailfish season.

However, there are many other types of fish we target and many we catch as a by-catch when targeting something else.

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Catch ’em Close
A real plus when you charter out of Islamorada is that fishing for many species starts just 3 miles out. This means that if you are short on time, a partial day trip can produce plenty of fishing action.

What Works Best for Catching Fish
We use live bait when targeting most species because it has shown itself to be superior to dead bait or artificial lures. Fishing techniques we employ include trolling, kite fishing, anchoring, jigging, and deep dropping. Different fish require different approaches to be most successful.

Anyone Can Give it a Try!
We welcome families, fishing novices, and experienced anglers on the TAN MAN. Our experienced first mate will provide for your safety and comfort throughout the trip, and will assist you with all aspects of the fishing trip.

A fishing chart that shows what fish are targeted during a particular season.
A woman holds up her dolphin (mahi-mahi) catch on the TAN MAN with the help of the mate.

Dolphin (mahi)

As beautiful in the water as they are on the plate, mahi-mahi will put on a great show & make your day when we find a big school of them!

Captain Matt Davis of the TAN MAN Charter boat helps his charter guest hold up his sailfish catch.


Considered by many scientists the fastest fish in the ocean, they will jump all over the ocean onced hooked. A prize catch by any fisherman

A bucket of yellowtail snapper caught on the TAN MAN charter in Islamorada, Florida Keys


Considered good eating, there are many different types of Snapper you'll catch while fishing in Islamorda. Yellowtail, Mutton & many more!

A charter guest holds up three grouper after catching them on the TAN MAN charter boat in Islamorada.


Like, snapper there are several different types of grouper caught in Islamorada. Black, Snowy, Gag, red, strawberry & more!

A family stands in front of their catch and holds a kingfish at Bud n Marys Marina after a day of fishing aboard the TAN MAN.


Very fast and strong with razor sharp teeth, Kingfish or King mackerel can get upwards of 50 pounds!

Charter guests on the TAN MAN boat hold up their tuna catch.


Strong fighting skip jack, beautiful bonita, and sushi-grade black fin that can be eaten right off the filet table!

Charter guest and TAN MAN charter mate show off their impressive wahoo catch off the waters in Islamorada.


Considered the zebra of the sea, Wahoo is great prepared cooked or even sushi. Strong, long & fast runs.

A charter guest holds up their cobia catch of the day in front of the TAN MAN vessel.


Won't burn off all your line but will make you work for every inch. It's all worth it once on the grill.

TAN MAN charter mate realeases a sailfish in the offshore waters. Charter guest takes a photo of his catch.


You never know what your next bite could be, anything could happen out there in the deep. Pelagics, sharks, billfish, or even the sight of a whale or porpoise.

Charter guest holds up his grouper catch on the TAN MAN charter boat in Islamorada.


Some of the best tasting fish come from the deep and you never know what will come up next. From a large warsaw grouper to a stringer of snappers.

Husband and wife charter guest holds up their snapper catch on the TAN MAN charter boat in Islamorada.


Beautiful, colorful water teeming with great tasting fish. Only miles from the marina, there is a lot of action while reef fishing. Great for a half day of fishing.

Captian Matt Davis' daughter stands with her catch in front of the TAN MAN charter boat.

kid friendly

TAN MAN enjoys taking family charters; there is nothing like spending a day on the water with your loved ones. Air-conditioned salon makes for a comfortable day.

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